visitor's gallery click here
visitor's gallery click here
(なお、画憎の解像度は72〜100dpiくらいのjpgでいただけると助かります。 あまり重いと、私の超しょぼいPC環境ではキツイので…)

This is the gallery of the work sent by you who are visitors.
I hope you enjoy my model.
If your model is completed, please send the photograph by all means.
(When you send a photograph to me, it will be of help if it is made the jpg file like 100dpi.)

photo gallery click here  食玩の「王立科学博物館」をお求めになった方は、すでにご存知(というより、すごく有名)と思いますが、ロシアの宇宙ステーション「ミール」が、実はこの日本、北海道は苫小牧市科学センターに現存しております。


Do you know that the Russian Space Station "MIR" by which abandonment disposal was carried out in March, 2003 for superannuation is in the museum in Japan?
The location of this museum is "Tomakomai", Hokkaido in Japan.